Interior renovations


Are you looking for a company you can trust to handle your home interior remodeling projects? Does your home interior need maintenance and repair?

AMS provides complete interior home improvement services including kitchen and bathroom remodeling, drywall repair, floor repairs, and basement refinishing.

Our Home Interior Services Include:

  • Bathrooms – faucet repair, remodeling, wall tiles, and custom-built vanities.

  • Kitchens – remodeling, cabinet repair and refacing, painting. 

  • Walls and Ceilings – wall repair, drywall installation and repair, ceiling repair, wall and ceiling insulation, window blind installation, painting. 

  • Floors – wood floor repair, sanding, staining and refinishing. 

  • Basement – flood cleanup and water removal, hot water heater installation, waterproofing, basement floor painting. 


AMS provides complete bathroom renovation and remodeling services.

Our services include:

  • Gutting and removal of old bathroom.

  • Floor and wall tile installation. 

  • Vanity and fixture installation and plumbing hookup. 

  • Sink and faucet installation. 

  • Shower and bathtub installation with wall tile installation. 

  • Shower door installation. 

  • Custom woodwork, such as shelves, cabinets and vanities. 

  • Installation of bathroom light fixtures.


Wall tile replaced

Ceramic tile floor installed

Shower door installed

Vanity, sink and fixtures added


Old Shower gutted and removed

New tile being installed

Completed tile wall in shower area


Vanity being constructed for a retail store in Southampton NY

Finished vanity after painting, and sink installation


AMS provides complete kitchen renovation and remodeling services.

Our services include:

  • Complete remodeling.

  • Renovations. 

  • Cabinet installation & repair. 

  • Custom carpentry - including cabinets, shelving, and storage areas. 

  • Countertop repair & installation. 

  • Floor and tile repair & installation. 

  • Ceiling & wall repair. 

  • Lighting fixture installation. 

  • Painting.


At this Sag Harbor home, the kitchen had suffered water damage, and there was a mold problem. To solve the problem we removed the drywall, removed the mold, and replaced the damaged wood. Then new insulation was installed, as well as new drywall. Finally, the kitchen was painted.

Sag Harbor home needing kitchen renovation

Walls prepared for painting

Drywall and damaged insulation have been removed

Project near completion. Kitchen painted

Mold removed, wood repaired, and new insulation installed

Walls & Ceilings

AMS provides a comprehensive range of wall and ceiling repair and remodeling services

Our services include:

  • Wall repair.

  • Drywall installation and repair. 

  • Removing and adding walls to interior spaces. 

  • Ceiling repair. 

  • Insulation installation and replacement. 

  • Window blind installation. 

  • Wall and ceiling painting. 

  • Installing wall and ceiling light fixtures.


Old ceiling insulation removed & replaced with new insulation

Old ceiling insulation removed & replaced with new insulation

Ceiling after painting


Do you have a basement that needs maintenance or repair? Has your basement flooded? AMS can help and offers the following services:

  • Basement waterproofing.

  • Basement concrete painting of walls and floor. 

  • For flooded basements we can pump and remove water, clean up the mess, and then paint your basement.

Basement cement floor painted

Basement cleaned up after flooding, and painted