AMS has the experience to take care of all your home exterior maintenance and repairs. We can handle small projects and big projects.
We will keep your home and property in beautiful condition, and you can enjoy your home without worry, and stress-free.

Our Exterior Services Include:

  • Roofing & siding repair and installation.

  • House & outdoor property repairs.

  • Spring cleanups.

  • Power washing.

  • Autumn services.

Roofing & Siding

Our Roofing & Siding Services Include:

  • Roof repair. We fix roof leaks and repair broken shingles.

  • Wood siding sanding and staining, including cedar shingle siding.

  • Gutter cleaning and gutter repair.

Roofing Project - New Shingles Installation

A home in East Hampton where we installed new shingles on the roof.

First rows of new shingles installed.

Front half of roof nearly complete.

New shingles project completed, with new flashing around chimney.

Cedar Shingle Siding Renovation Project

This home in Sag Harbor had wood cedar shingles, but years of weather exposure had left the shingles faded, rough, dull and unattractive - some shingles were cracked. For this project, the shingles were sanded and repaired, and then the shingles were stained. The result was a home that once again reflected the natural beauty of wood cedar shingles.

Before work has begun - shingles are faded, rough and dull.

Cedar shingles have been sanded, and staining process has begun.

Shingle staining nearly complete.

View of sanded and stained cedar wood shingles.

A closer view of sanded and stained cedar wood shingles.

House & Outdoor Property Repairs

Our Services Include:

  • Window repair and replacement.

  • Door repair and replacement.

  • Fixing walkways, outdoor stairways, steps and railings.

  • Porch and Patio Repairs.

  • Balcony repairs.

  • Pool and pool area repairs, including pool decks.

  • Repairing swing sets and playground areas.

Door Repair Project

Door repair and door screen replacement.

Porch Repair Project

Porch area and railing repair and painting.

Exterior Repair Project - Rotted Wood

The exterior entranceway area of this house had not been painted for many years which exposed the wood to excessive damage from rain and harsh weather. As a result, much of the wood rotted and water began to leak inside around the window and door. Also, the insulation in the wall got wet which reduced its effectiveness.

Regular painting of your home exterior can help prevent this type of damage.

For this project, we removed the damaged and rotted wood from the entranceway wall. We also removed the damaged insulation, and installed new insulation. We rebuilt the wood facade, and finished by painting the area and the door.

Start of project. Shingles removed to expose damaged wood.

Damaged and rotted wood that will be replaced.

Close-up of damaged wood that was removed.

Insulation to be replaced.

New wood and insulation installed.

Repairs complete, and entrance area and door have been painted.

Spring Cleanups

Have a vacation home and summer is near? We offer a spring cleanup service that will get your home ready for a stress-free and enjoyable summer.

We take care of all needed maintenance so your home is ready for summer.

You relax ... let us do the work.

Our Spring Cleanup Services Include:

  • Yard cleanup and leaf removal.

  • Power Washing - cleaning around house, walkways, patios, decks, balconies, and pool area.

  • Deck repairs and maintenance.

  • Pool repairs and maintenance.

  • Painting & Staining.

Power Washing

Power washing, also known as pressure washing, is a type of professional cleaning method that uses special equipment that lets an operator use a high-pressure stream of water to spray and clean many types of surfaces.

Power washing effectively removes dirt, grime, mold, dust and mud from most surfaces, including concrete, brick, tile, and stone.

Some typical areas we can power wash for you include:

  • Walkways.

  • Doors & Entranceways.

  • Porch & Patio.

  • Sidewalks.

  • Pool area.

  • Decks.

  • House siding.

  • Balcony.

  • Driveways.

Examples of Our Power Washing Service

Balcony and railing being power washed.

Patio area - stone and cement deep cleaned with power washing.

Shingles and siding cleaned with power washing.

Pool area cleaned with power washing.

Entranceway thoroughly cleaned with power washing.

Autumn Services

When the leaves start to fall it’s a great time to start the projects that you have discovered you need done over the summer.

After a summer of use your house and property may have areas that need work, and in many cases it is best to take care of these repairs before winter.

For vacation homes and second homes we also offer winterizing services, and can oversee other work being performed while reporting to you.


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